Jessica Simpson's Favorite Non-Surgical "Facelift"

There is a new non-invasive lifting procedure available to stop gravity-induced sagging of the cheeks and forehead.

Similar to building up muscles in the arms and legs, it entails pumping up the facial muscles.

EmFace stimulates face muscles through radio frequency and electrical stimulation.

EmFace is a cutting-edge technology that rejuvenates facial skin by firming muscles, erasing wrinkles, and enhancing facial features.

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Using the EmFace procedure, which entails four sessions of forehead and cheek patches that are coupled to the EmFace machine, Dr. Katz has observed remarkable outcomes.

To achieve the best effects, a 20-minute treatment is performed once each week, ideally for four weeks straight.

After being worn, the patches rapidly contract the muscles and skin of the face while delivering electrical and radio stimulation.

EmFace boosts collagen synthesis, builds more muscle mass, and restores lift to fill in wrinkles. It takes some getting accustomed to, but the results are evident.

Positive results from collagen-stimulating treatments can be noticed after two or three sessions, but it takes four weeks to notice them.

Similar to a facelift, which can cost between $10,000 and $100,000, the price is identical.

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