Jaylen Brown discusses his Celtics future statements.

Jaylen Brown had four exciting days. Last Friday's New York Times piece and Tuesday's Ringer column featured the Boston Celtics guard.

Brown was mentioned extensively in both stories, including a Tuesday headline-making noncommittal statement concerning his Boston future.

"Unsure. as needed. Not my decision "Brown told Logan Murdock. "We'll see how they and I feel about each other over time. Hope it makes sense.

I'll stay where I'm needed. I'll stay where required and respected." Brown is under contract through the 2023-24 season

but would be available for an extension this summer. His statements prompted speculation about whether he would accept it or leave.

Brown was asked about his predicament following Boston's win against the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night.

"I feel amazing," Brown said in the video above. "You can't overlook a 50-win squad. Celtics' 50th win tonight. I'm focused on leading my squad to another postseason run.

I can't extrapolate beyond what I'm doing." Brown said he could address some of the conjecture following his recent statements.

"Often when individuals write pieces, they get taken out of context, especially when authors have their own agendas or whatever," Brown added.

"I'm considering explaining recent statements. I'm focused on my team else. I play basketball to win games."

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