Intel co-founder Gordon Moore died at 94.

Gordon Moore, a co-founder of Intel Corp. who in 1965 made a straightforward statement about how quickly engineers will increase the capacity of computer chips, has passed away. 

His prognosis set the rapid rate of development in the digital age. He was 94. As reported by Intel and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation,

Moore passed away on Friday at his home in Hawaii.Three years prior to helping to found Intel in 1968, Moore,

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who also possessed a Ph.D. in physics and chemistry, produced the now-famous discovery that has come to be known as "Moore's Law." 

It was one of several essays about the future that futurists from various fields wrote for the now-defunct Electronics magazine.

The forecast said that the capacity and complexity of integrated circuits would quadruple every year and

was something Moore claimed he mapped out on graph paper based on what was happening with chips at the time.

Moore's observation specifically mentioned the doubling of transistors on a semiconductor. Yet over time, it has been used to describe hard drives,

computer monitors, and other electronic gadgets, claiming that a new generation of items becomes obsolete roughly every 18 months.

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