Improving Child's behavior and regaining control as a parent

The most important details in this text are that a frustrated mom asked for help, but there is nothing they can do to change their child's behavior.

Parents often rely on intuition and advice from others, but that's not always enough.

If their child has ODD or ADHD, it can feel like every day is a new parenting obstacle course.

The author proposes taking a deep breath and thinking about one thing you can change today to be a better parent than yesterday.

They also suggest that instead of trying to turn around five years worth of issues in a matter of minutes, it's more effective to think about one thing that can help today.

Practical strategies can help parents restore control and confidence.

To do this, they should focus on their top three concerns, such as defiance, refusal to do homework, and disrespectful behavior.

  When tackling multiple behavior issues, it is important to take one step at a time and build up confidence and energy. This will lead to better behavior and more effective parenting.

Come up with a plan to communicate expectations and hold your child accountable.

Encourages parents to focus on their child's responsibilities and learn new behaviors, rather than trying to convince them to change.

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