How to get rid of belly fat below

By doing more exercise, you can burn more calories.

Increase your physical activity

A good, balanced diet that includes whole foods, lean protein, healthy fats, and lots of vegetables and fruits will help you lose lower belly fat.

Eat a balanced diet

Weight gain is possible, especially in the lower abdominal area when there is a high sugar and processed food intake. 

Cut down on sugary and processed foods

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Drinking water can help you lose weight, remain hydrated, and flush toxins from your body.

Drink plenty of water

Weight gain in the lower tummy can be a result of hormonal abnormalities brought on by insufficient sleep. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

Get enough sleep

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Yoga and meditation can be used to manage stress and prevent weight gain.

Reduce stress

Burning fat and losing weight can be aided by cardio exercises.

Engage in cardio exercises

Strength exercise increases metabolism while aiding in muscular growth.

Strength train

The lower abdominal area can be toned by focusing on core muscles.

Incorporate core exercises

To decrease belly fat in the lower area, maintain a good diet and exercise schedule.

Be consistent

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