How Do Nail Colors Reflect You?

Orange nail polish should be spontaneous and unique, combining it with other shades and glitters.

Orange: Spontaneous

Red nails are a sign of confidence and flirtyness.

Red: Confident and Flirty

Neon nail polish is great for summer, tanned skin, and beach parties.

Neon: Attention Seeker

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Black nails are powerful, sensitive, and often artistic.

Black: Powerful and Sensitive

White nails symbolize a playful and youthful personality.

White: Clean and Youthful

Pink nails show a feminine and flirty side.

Pink: Feminine and Romantic

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Paint nails blue to express creativity and forward-thinkingness.

Blue: Creative and Reliable

Nude nails are not so eye-catching, but are perfect for every occasion.

Nude: Low Maintenance

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