Helping Worried Kids

New experiences can be a big step forward for kids.

Worried Kids

Parents can help kids and teens face new challenges without worry.

Adults' Role in Helping

Do things together that you both enjoy, smile and laugh together; and ask what's on their mind to keep the bond strong and positive.

Spend time with them

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Listen with your full attention, ask questions, and listen calmly to what they say.

Listen with patience.

Listen calmly and accept how kids feel to make it easier for them to share.


Encourage kids and teens to think of their own solutions and support them.

Help kids think of how to handle things.

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Break new things into small steps and celebrate successes.

Help them practice.

Praise and encourage your child to reduce stress and worry.


Ask your child or teen to focus on the good things in their day.

Help them expect good things.

Remind kids and teens to offer comfort and understanding, and teach them to use calm breathing.

Soothe and comfort.

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