Greatest 10 Superpowers

Time Control terrifies me. Destroying everything has too many variables.

Time Manipulation

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Telekinesis gives you all superpowers, making it omnipotent. Levitate, fly, and heal wounds by moving cells.


You know how many superpowers? Superpowers may alter reality. Magical world?


While slower than teleporting, you can see everything! You would be the perfect scout in war.


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Super Speed increases your speed and lets you think, act, and react faster.

Super Speed

Teleportation best. Teleporting across the planet would save time. Military personnel,


I must organize. To begin. Phasing is different from invincibility. Invincibility means being unbreakable.


You can become invulnerable or super-healed, making you functionally eternal.


Gravity control is the most powerful. Time control is too error-prone and could have disastrous consequences. Telekinesis is the closest to gravitational control on this list.

Gravity Manipulation

Why stop time anyway? Unless you can break absolute inertia of all molecules around you, they stop moving.

Healing Ability

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