Kaavi's Beauty Secret from Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union, 50, is a beauty and fashion expert, so her daughter Kaavia, 4,

and stepdaughter Zaya, 15, will learn a lot from her. As a toddler, Kaavia doesn't wear cosmetics every day. 

In a new Instagram post, Union offered her one beauty suggestion for Kaavia: drinking water.

Union and her husband, Dwyane Wade, 41, shared the clip on their 4-year-Instagram old's page.

In the video, the Bring It On actress is asked: “What is your top beauty advice that you're passing down to Kaav?”

Union replies: “Water. Water and boundaries make me beautiful.”

Anna and her 4-year-old sit in front of their piano at home, and Kaavia clearly understands the need of drinking water.

Kaavia replies, "Therefore you need to drink water." Good, healthy...” “Don't always drink nice juices,”

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