Experts assess risk-reducing activities.

To prevent exposure and teach children about germs, cleanliness, and safety, parents should consult reliable sources.

Outdoor and no-contact games should dominate playdates. If playgrounds are full, try hiking.

Avoid high-risk activities.

Healthy Schools provides parents and schools with education and activities to decrease school illness.

 should focus on outdoor play

Pylons and tape can assist reduce dangers by increasing physical distance.

Maintain distance

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Smaller outdoor parties with ventilation should replace large inside celebrations.

Physical distance is key to minimizing risks

To avoid disease, kids should learn to wash their hands and carry alcohol-based hand sanitizer in their backpacks.

Maintain good hygiene.

Instruct kids to cough/sneeze into elbows.

To keep them healthy,children

Before returning home, disinfect surfaces with Lysol Disinfecting Wipes to kill COVID-19.

regular surface cleaning

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