DC Star Ben Affleck Refuses To Meet Chris Evans' Marvel Rival

Ben Affleck of DC doesn't want to meet Chris Hemsworth of Marvel because "I wouldn't see him as frequently."

Ben Affleck, a star of the DCEU, has the most absurd idea of celebrity, and it shows when the actor maintains ,

his modesty despite working in the business for decades and earning an Oscar at just 25.

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After years spent in the background under the persistent pressure of addiction, the Argo actor has been reentering the creative fold.

Affleck is now again on the rise thanks to support from Artists Equity and Air, and he is now the focus of attention in Hollywood.

Throughout their school days, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have been best friends. The famed shared bank account that they had formed together.

they survived the profession during their struggling artists' phase, however, was no longer necessary after each found their calling elsewhere.

Approaching MCU's Thor The Batman v Superman actor has appeared in billion-dollar blockbusters and won many Oscars.

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