Critics: Chris Rock hasn't been silent about the slap

According to the March 7 Style article, "Did Chris Rock live up to the hype?"?,” was false.

The article said, “Rock has been on tour ever since, racking up nearly 140 shows across the country

while remaining calculatingly silent about the now-infamous live moment that branded one man villain and the other victim, forever entwining the pair in TV history.”

Rock's D.C. show last year (I was there), or possibly any other show on that nearly 140-stop tour, heard the same jokes about the slap.

Check out any number of his tour reviews. For instance, Atlanta. He did a bit with Dave Chappelle.

It has been "addressed" for months. Silence was not calculated.

That premise would have revealed what the "gimmick" was,

but The Post owes readers - and Rock - an explanation.

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