Brad Pitt humiliated Tom Cruise by earning over $1.4 billion at the box office

Brad Pitt made Tom Cruise seem bad with the box office flop Top Gun 2 while winning the Golden Globe for "Hollywood Savior" with over $1.4 billion in revenue.

The colorful romance between Hollywood heavyweights Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt has been well-documented throughout the years.

In addition to their on-screen rivalry, the two celebrities have also fought over their personalities.

Their disputes have occasionally consisted of humorous jabs, while other times they have engaged in nasty off-screen confrontations.

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Most recently, the Golden Globe Awards served as the backdrop for the verbal volleys between the Inglorious Basterds actor and the Top Gun: Maverick star.

Maverick gave Tom Cruise a career-best hit. The critically acclaimed film grossed over 1.4 billion dollars worldwide.

Tom Cruise was not nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor despite his efforts being rewarded with a well-deserved nomination for Best Film.

  This exclusion was made worse by Brad Pitt, a rival of Cruise's, being nominated in the same category for the film Babylon,

 despite the fact that it received little attention following its release. Insiders claim that Tom Cruise was furious with the course of events.

The animosity between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise has a long history, and it all began with their first joint project, the 1994 horror film Interview with the Vampire.

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