Andrew Wiggins’ Daughter Light Up When She Sees Him On Screen

Fans are backing Andrew Wiggins' bid to make the 2022 NBA All-Star squad. His daughter is perhaps his biggest admirer and supporter. Her cute support video goes viral.

Celebrity lives fascinate us. They're always observed. Bigger houses, bigger opportunities. Their kids may have a different reality than ours. Do celebrities' and athletes' childre

Wiggins and his family have been climbing the 2022 NBA All-Star Game fan vote lists. Mychal Johnson, Andrew's girlfriend, cast an All-Star vote for him at the stadium with their kid.

Mychal captured her daughter's response to seeing Andrew on the game's videoboard. It's cute because her whole face lights up.

Fraser and his lads chatted with Kevin Fraizer and Nischelle Turner on the Oscars' champagne-colored red carpet, ET reported.

The Whale's Charlie earned Fraser a Best Actor nomination. Fraser's boys revealed his bad dad. “We say ‘Oh yes, right' at the end of a talk. "He'll say, 'Left,'" Holden said.

Leland said, “I suppose my personal favourite has always been when we're kids and I'd say, ‘I don't like broccoli,' and he'd answer, ‘Broccoli loves you.'”

Holden said his "dad jokes still don't strike" but that his dad is "quite great - I'll give him that." Leland echoed Holden, stating, “I mean, he's our old dad, and he's always been cool.

The Fraser boys told Laverne Cox how proud they were of their father's medals during their way inside the auditorium. Holden told People he and Leland were "over the moon" and "unbelievably proud."

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