Alby Mangels' secret new life

Alby Mangels contemplates the bizarre mix that made him successful. "I never done anything for cinema," he admits.

The 74-year-old explorer and documentary director, who developed the 1970s and 1980s World Safari films and

Adventure Bound TV series, was a sex icon with his tight shorts and sun-kissed sinew.

He posed naked over a burning hearth for a Cleo magazine centrefold during his peak.

He currently lives under an assumed name on a secret island, but he has one more adventure planned.

"In hindsight, [the World Safari films] should never have done as well," he argues.

That's like saying getting lost in the Sahara Desert in a two-cylinder vehicle was balmy or riding bareback in an ostrich race was bumpy,

both of which Mangels has done. Private helicopters, ranches, and assets Mangels did not inherit any public sector success factors.

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