Jeremy Renner's snowplough was returned

After investigation, Jeremy Renner's snowplough was returned: "She's finally making her way home!"

Renner hailed the return of his PistenBully snowplough, or snowcat, on social media. "She's finally making her way home," he said with ecstatic emojis on Thursday.

The 51-year-old actor joked on his Instagram story that "the cat" is being escorted by police to his Reno, Nevada home.

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The Avengers star was run over by his 14,330-pound snowplough while protecting his nephew.

Mechanical concerns may have caused this collision, according to the January Washoe County Sheriff's Office incident report. Renner was removing snow to liberate a family member's "stuck" car.

The sheriff's report said Renner left the vehicle without deploying the emergency break after the Pistenbully snow groomer started sliding.

Our mechanical inspection indicated that the parking brake would prevent the Pistenbully from moving forward. When Renner tried to halt or deflect

the Pistenbully to protect his nephew, the track pulled him under and ran him over." The Washoe County Sheriff's Office took Renner's snowplough to ascertain why it rolled.

The accident's cause and what was corrected before Renner received the machines are unknown. Yahoo Entertainment contacted the actor's rep for comment.

On Jan. 1, Renner was evacuated to the hospital. Two procedures broke almost 30 bones.

Hawkeye, who had brain fog, has been posting about his physical and mental recovery on social media.

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