9 Lovely Vintage Kitchen Ideas

Copy That Cute Diner

Diner flair comes home with black-and-white checkered floors and pink. After all, your kitchen table corner shouldn't be colorless.

Include a fun fridge! Retro-inspired appliances are available. Meal prep will be fun with a baby blue fridge.

Be Blue

All black, white, and red! Marimekko fabric and vivid colors make this kitchen fun.

Rock the Red

A wooden sunburst mirror and pressed floral artwork add boho charm to your dining nook. Hi, 70s!

Believe in Boho Style

You can style a vintage kitchen with a little bistro table. Wishbone chairs give this small dining area a midcentury contemporary look.

Choose These Chairs

Your kitchen will seem retro with charming tiles. The bigger the colors and patterns, the better for a 1960s or 1970s style!

Be Colorful

Any apples? This cheerful kitchen features enormous fruit-inspired paintings.

Opt for Apple Art

Pick This kitchen again features bright gadgets. This space shows that you may paint your cabinets a different color and have a beautiful contrast.

Pick Pastels

Geometric wallpaper and lovely polka dots offer a quirky touch to this kitchen. Black-and-white may be fun and whimsical.

Try a Twist on Classic Colors

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