9 Best Small Dog Breeds

The Bichon Frise's baby-doll face, silky coat, and joyful disposition make it the ideal small dog breed. Bichons are active and adore learning new tricks.

1. The cute Bichon Frise

The stylish Boston Terrier is fun. They'll learn "stay" and "fetch" quickly because they're smart and active. Yet, they may not always deliver.

2. The smart Boston Terrier

This breed is one of the best tiny dogs due to its bearded hairstyle and big attitude. Miniature Schnauzers are devoted and affectionate.

3. The vocal Miniature Schnauzer

4. The funny Pug

The Pug is the prototypical tiny dog breed, with a long history across countries. They fit on your lap and are always ready for a fun day out.

Who thought a huge name could complement a little dog breed? Affenpinscher means "Monkey Dog," a fitting name for this mischievous pup.

5. The fearless Affenpinscher

Bolognese dogs, from Bologna, are the calmest pets. They're a true canine cuddler and people-pleaser, so they won't mind spending hours on your lap.

6. The calm Bolognese

The Dachshund is one of the most distinctive little dog breeds. Recognizable and kind-hearted.

7. The always-entertaining Dachshund

When a little dog breed was created for Chinese aristocracy decades ago, no one expected it to become a global favorite.

8. The regal Pekingese

If you don't know the delightful Peekapoo, you could think we made it up. This cute little dog is a Pekingese Poodle mix. Peekapoos are protective,

9. The protective Peekapoo

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