8 Many Interpretations of Aura Color

The energetic layers that make up your aura link your soul and universal energy to your physical self.

many aura color meanings

Understanding the significance of energy colors will help us better comprehend how we are feeling right now.

Aura Colors and Meanings

passionate, intense, devoted, devoted, a born leader, and competitive.

Red Aura Meaning

In addition to other qualities that influence the significance of your pink aura, you have a kind heart.

Pink Aura Meaning

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An orange aura is linked to excitement, taking risks, and a vivacious attitude.

Orange Aura Meaning

A yellow aura denotes creativity, loose-lipped optimism, motivation, social awareness, and inspiration.

Yellow Aura Meaning

Having a gold or silver aura means being spiritually inspired, intuitive, and connected to the divine.

Gold or Silver Aura Meaning

Loveable, creative, spiritually aware, and connected to nature, this energy is healing.

Green Aura Meaning 

The qualities of a blue aura include honesty, diplomacy, self-expression, loyalty, and altruism.

Blue Aura Meaning

Your aura's indigo color can support your spiritual development by allowing you to employ your intuition.

Indigo Aura Meaning

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