In a passing commemorating his 71st birthday, Bobby Caldwell died of a heart attack

A singer and composer whose voice and musical style have been adored by generations of his fellow artists, Bobby Caldwell, died Wednesday at the age of 89.

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According to The Associated Press, Mary Caldwell told them he died on Tuesday after a long illness at their home in Great Meadows, New Jersey. The 71-year-old died.

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In what was then referred to as the Hot Selling Soul Singles chart, "What You Won't Do for Love" went to No. 9. Caldwell wrote and sang the song, which became a long-term standard.

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Among the artists who covered the song are Boyz II Men & Michael Bolton as well as Tupac Shakur who sampled on his posthumously released song Do For Love.

There have been many hip-hop artists who have sampled Caldwell songs, among them The Notorious B.I.G., Common, Lil Nas X, and Chance the Rapper.

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There are numerous accounts of listeners being shocked to hear that Caldwell was white and not African, many of which were shared on social media after his passing.

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On his debut solo album of the same name, which contains "What You Won't Do for Love," Caldwell only made a silhouette appearance.

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Questlove wrote on Instagram Caldwell was the last chapter generation where record executives sought hide faces album covers maybe maybe their musician could have chance.

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