7 zodiac signs are the biggest cry babies

Cancer is an extremely sensitive sign of the zodiac. They never engage in rational behaviour. When things go wrong, they would rather sit and cry than try to comprehend or improve the problem.


Aquarius has a highly sophisticated, polished, and enigmatic air about it. In the end, these characteristics serve as their USP and draw people to them.


Without Pisces, this list of crying zodiac signs would be lacking. This naive zodiac sign is helplessly engrossed in their perfect fantasy world.


Nothing makes Leo happy. Even when their lives are going amazingly well, they are not happy with it. They believe that life can always be made better, which is why.


The scales represent the zodiac sign Libra, which is all about finding balance in their life.


I could stop here, but I need to write an article first. Yet in all honesty, Aries, you are the heaviest, chubbiest baby of them all.


You seem to have a limit to how much you can take before popping, Gemini. I would even say that you are sociopathic.


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