6 Dumbest Zodiac Signs 

What's the dumbest zodiac sign? Here's what astrologers have to say about it.


Cancers' reactivity accounts for their unfavourable ranking on the list. They are not known for making very intelligent and logical choices because they tend to overreact to situations.


This zodiac sign is typically associated with individuals who are a little self-absorbed. Paradoxically, they also have a tendency to be a little unsure of themselves and have a history of having trouble defending themselves.


Aries is a bit mysterious in terms of intellect. This horoscope sign exhibits both intellect and stupidity.


Due to their innate capacity to comprehend others' emotions, Libras have the ability to appear intelligent, but this is typically confined to their capacity to influence other people. A Libra craves excellence and will do anything to achieve it.


Leos are egotistical and over-the-top, and they will do anything to win people over. They are included on this roster because of the latter quality.


Unfortunately, Tauruses have a reputation for being arrogant and self-centered, and this may have a lot to do with how they handle rejection on a psychological level. A Taurus can become extremely hurt when denied.


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