Passive income 39-year-old "3 $0 enterprises."

My full-time employment was eliminated in 2009. I freelanced and worked on my music blog to find work throughout the recession.

Everything changed. I make $160,000 a month running my blog and business coaching firm in five hours a week.

Teaching individuals how to use simple web tools to start profitable side businesses is one of my favourite parts of my profession.

Do your friends always seek you for advice? My client teaches home motorbike repair.

Another records Japanese natives pronouncing English words.

"I'm offering one-on-one coaching sessions for [X group] who struggle with [Y difficulties] and want to achieve [Z goals]."

Schedule phone or video calls with clients. Address their issues and advise them.

Your most common issues will shape your programme. Ask customers for referrals.

 Customer testimonials on social media and your website.

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