The happiest nations in the world in 2023

The latest global happiness survey is hopeful. Benevolence is 25% higher than pre-pandemic.

In an interview with CNN, World Happiness Report co-author John Helliwell remarked, "Benevolence to others,

especially the helping of strangers, which went up considerably in 2021, maintained high in 2022."

The three-year COVID-19 pandemic has not affected world happiness. The research calls 2020–2022 life ratings "remarkably resilient,"

 with global averages similar to the three years before the pandemic.

"Even during these difficult years, happy emotions have remained twice as widespread as negative ones,

and sentiments of positive social support twice as strong as loneliness," Helliwell stated in a news release.

The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network report uses survey data from over 150 nations.

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