15 Backyard Shower Designs

It's not necessary for an outdoor shower to be a large space or the highlight of your backyard.

Minimalist Outdoor Shower

In your backyard, this outdoor shower incorporates features of a nature refuge.

Outdoor Shower Privacy Wall

This outdoor shower's waterfall showerhead gives you the impression that you're taking a bath in a downpour.

Outdoor Shower Enclosure

Consider an indoor wet room with moveable shutters if you like the concept of an outdoor shower but don't like the thought of rustic facilities.

Indoor-Outdoor Shower

This outdoor shower design is a good option if you prefer plants to people.

 Nature-Inspired Shower Accessories

There aren't many more idyllic outdoor showers than this haven of Mediterranean design.

Mediterranean Outdoor Shower Design

This lovely outdoor shower is framed by a wooden pergola. The showerhead's intricate back tiling makes it stand out as a focal point in the backyard.

Rustic Outdoor Shower

Yet, this isn't always the case. Outdoor showers often offer less privacy than their indoor equivalents.

Shower Privacy Wall

An old spigot can be transformed into an outdoor shower with a little bit of do-it-yourself labour.

Garden Shower

This pool house exudes a relaxed atmosphere thanks to its white walls, stone floor, and basic chrome fittings.

Pool House Shower

Use a backsplash made of vibrant tiles to define an outdoor shower to break up the monotony of plain white walls.

Tiled Shower

Clean up in an outdoor shower enclosure after a tiring day of surfing to avoid bringing sand and other coastal trash inside.

Private Outdoor Bathroom

This outdoor shower is nothing short of peaceful because it is surrounded by flowers, grass, and fresh air.

Stone Shower

How much cosier can it get with direct sunlight, warm stone, and lush surroundings? This exclusive outdoor restroom is nestled away in a backyard,

Sunny Backyard Shower

You would probably stroll right past this outdoor shower if you weren't aware that it was there.

Hidden Shower

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