14 Pool House and Pavilion Designs for Outdoor Fun

Swimmers have a place to change, freshen themselves, and enjoy a snack or beverage at the pool house.

Pool House Perfection

By using a layered grid and latticework support columns, you may create a delicate and elegant appearance.

Cottage-Style Pavilion

Unlike many pavilions, which have solid or closed roofs, this one has a vented roof.

Airy Pavilion

Give it the size and durability to function as guest quarters year-round if a pool house seems like too much of an investment for a seasonal-use construction.

Year-Round Pool House

With its sturdy roof, this cabana seems both open and protected. The building includes a bathroom and change areas,

Classy Cabana

Use sliding glass doors and long drapes to give your pavilion more privacy and security.

Doors for Seasonal Appeal

A screen is a great addition to your pavilion if you want to keep out mosquitoes and other bothersome insects.

Screened-In Pavilion

A deck's outdoor potential is enhanced by the proximity of a pool or spa.

Maximize the Potential

This pavilion has a formal, conventional appearance that matches the pool design.

Tropical Romance

It's not always preferable to use a traditional pavilion for your outdoor décor.

Inspiring 1940s Modernism

By matching the style and colour of your pavilion to that of your home, you can ensure that it is a lovely addition to your outdoor décor.

Match Your Pavilion with Your Home

Ivy that climbs the structure's columns and wire guides might enhance your pavilion's decor.

Pavilion with Climbing Ivy

Add a relaxing area to your house with a peaceful pavilion that serves as the pool's tranquil backdrop.

British Colonial Pavilion

Even a tiny structure increases the enjoyment of having a pool. No matter if you decide to put in a bathroom, a tiny kitchen,

Changing-Room Style

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