10 Amazing Kitchen Sink Materials

Kitchen sinks are usually stainless steel. Water-, scratch-, rust-, and antimicrobial-resistant, this material is popular.

Stainless Steel

Most people don't picture copper kitchen sinks. This kitchen sink material is great for cleaning.


Enamel cast iron kitchen sinks are durable. Cast iron is hefty, so make sure the cabinets can support the sink's weight.

Enameled Cast Iron


Fireclay kitchen sinks are the greatest since they last for years of constant usage. Fireclay outlasts enameled cast iron.

Enamel steel saves money and looks like enameled cast iron. The cheap material is stain-resistant like enameled cast iron without the weight or cost.

Enameled Steel

This acrylic resin-based kitchen sink material is called solid surface, whereas Formica and Corian are brand names.

Solid Surface Acrylic Resin

Quartz Quartz composite kitchen sinks are ideal if solid surface acrylic resin or enameled kitchen sinks worry you.

Quartz Composite

Granite composite kitchen sinks are another option developed by blending acrylic resin with genuine stone. This heat-resistant substance replicates genuine stone

Granite Composite

Brass, a copper-zinc alloy, is prized for its beauty, natural patina, and antibacterial characteristics.


Acrylic's moldability makes it a low-maintenance material utilized to construct a variety of sink types. Sharp things dropped into the sink can scratch it.


Vitreous china may suit minimalist or classic tastes. Heating glass and putting glass enamel on porcelain increases its durability and strength.

Vitreous China

Porcelain is like vitreous china but more traditional. Firing potter stone and kaolin at high temperatures has made sinks, toilets, and dishware for ages.


Marble and granite kitchen sinks are expensive. Stone is scratch-, dent-, chip-, and heat-resistant.


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