12 Most Difficult Zodiac Signs To Love

12. Pisces

Pisces is easiest to adore. This sign's natives are creative, empathetic, and emotionally connected. They are honest and open.

Cancer ranks eleventh in loveability. Cancers are loving, sensitive partners. They will do anything for their partner.

11. Cancer

Libra is the third-most-lovable sign. Libras are charming, smart, and social. They listen, advise, and love others emotionally.

10. Libra

Leo is ninth hardest to love. They're lively, passionate, and love attention. They lavish their partner with gifts and love.

9. Leo

Taurus is ninth hardest to love. Taureans are relaxed. They commit to relationships. They'll always support you. They keep their promises.

8. Taurus

Aries is the seventh-hardest sign to love. Their passion and intensity fascinate. They fall in love quickly and pursue their goals.

7. Aries

Love is sixth hardest for Gemini. Geminis naturally alter roles and personalities, making them hard to keep up with. They're unpredictable and indecisive making deep emotional bonds difficult.

6. Gemini

Aquarius is seventh hardest to love. Aquarians are sometimes aloof and hard to understand. They have trouble expressing their emotions, making it hard to become close to them.

5. Aquarius

Scorpios are the fourth hardest to love. Their passion and mystery may be both seductive and scary.

4. Scorpio

Virgo is the third hardest sign to love. Virgos are self-reliant. They rationally manage relationships. They unintentionally keep most people at bay until they can trust it.

3. Virgo

Sagittarius is second hardest to love. They choose independence to commitment and conformity. When they put themselves first, they may appear selfish.

2. Sagittarius

Capricorns are hardest to adore. They are classy and ambitious, making them hard to approach.

1. Capricorn

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