There are 12 lucky colors for each zodiac sign

Red is a strong colour because it stands for fire and passion. Aries is a sign that is full of desire, strong emotions, and lust.

Aries: Red

Green is the sign of the earth. Stardust says that Taurus wants things like abundance, prosperity, earthy pleasures, and success.

Taurus: Green

When it comes to talking, the best colour is yellow. Stardust says that the colour yellow is the colour of communication.

Gemini: Yellow

Cancer: White or Silver

The colours of the moon, white and silver, are linked to the moon of Cancer. These colours stand for intuition and cleanliness,

Leos wear gold and orange. Leo can "revel in its royal power and beauty" because of the colours.

Leo: Orange or Gold

This Earth sign does well with the colour brown. Brown is a sign of stability and growth, which are things that Mercury has.

Virgo: Brown

Venus is Libra's ruling planet, so light pink is a favourite colour. Libras are drawn to harmony, peace, balance, tenderness, and love when they see this colour.

Libra: Light Pink

Mars and Pluto are in charge of Scorpio, which is a water sign, so black is a good colour for them. Scorpios feel safe and mysterious when they wear black.

Scorpio: Black

Sagittarius people wear purple. It's a sign of being spiritual. They feel peaceful and happy,"

Sagittarius: Purple

Burgundy is Capricorn's power colour because it shows quality and sophistication, which this sign values a lot.

Capricorn: Burgundy

Uranus is in charge of electricity and creativity, so Montufar says Aquarians should wear electric blue.

Aquarius: Electric blue

Aquarius likes bright blues, while Pisces likes teal, a more subdued shade of blue-green.

Pisces: Teal

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