12 Great Morning Nook Ideas

This tall dining bench adds drama to the breakfast nook. This piece elevates the dining area, making it feel luxurious.

Add Some Drama

Don't forget to put art in your breakfast nook! Use empty walls to display treasured posters or photos. You can appreciate them while drinking coffee every morning.

Display Favorite Art Prints

If you have a large family or frequently entertain, you may need a larger breakfast nook. Here, a long bench can accommodate many; consider a bench with storage beneath

Think Big

Keep it Cozy

This little breakfast nook is charming. Traditional cane chairs compliment the black and brown tones in this kitchen.

Consider hanging picture lights above a rare, large piece of art in your breakfast nook for a museum-like display.

Turn It Into a Gallery

If you want a monochrome breakfast nook, look no further than this one. Despite everything is white or beige, there is lots of textural curiosity; combining materials always looks great.

Get Textural

On the other hand, you might want to paint your breakfast nook brightly! Display your kids' art class creations to make them feel special.

Be Bold

Perhaps you rarely eat breakfast or live alone. In this situation, a much smaller breakfast nook will do. This setting simulates drinking coffee alone in a cosy cafe.

Create Your Own Cafe

Don't forget the throw pillows! When you relax with breakfast and coffee, a colourful pillow selection like this will brighten your corner.

Pile on the Pillows

If your kitchen and living room are connected, you may want to put up a breakfast nook. This can come in handy while entertaining, as you can use your little round table.

Dine in the Living Room

If your breakfast nook has tall ceilings, play up this architectural aspect. Decorate your walls with art and install a chandelier or pendant for style.

Play Up High Ceilings

Bring the outside in by adding some greenery to your breakfast nook. Real trees are wonderful, but there are many attractive fake trees on the market if you don't have a green

Add Some Plant Life

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