12 Craziest Zodiac Signs Ranked

The least eccentric sign is Libra. They have a reputation for being considerate, kind, and impartial.


Sagittarius is the second least irrational sign in the zodiac. These guys have a reputation for being independent, upbeat, and daring.


The third least eccentric zodiac sign is Taurus. They are seen as dependable, grounded, and patient because they are an Earth sign.


The ninth sign, Capricorn, is next. These individuals have a reputation for being ambitious and diligent.


The eighth position on the list belongs to Virgos. These people have a reputation for being methodical and well-organized. They are often sensible and grounded.


Pisces is the seventh wildest zodiac sign. These males have a reputation for being passionate, imaginative, and dreamy.


We have Cancer in sixth position. Cancers are renowned for being perceptive and highly sensitive.


The fifth wildest sign in the zodiac is the scorpion. They have a reputation for being gloomy and enigmatic, yet this also makes them incredibly alluring.


Aquarius comes in at number four. Because of their reputation for mysticism and eccentricity, Aquarians tend to come off as slightly insane to others.


The third wildest sign of the zodiac is Leo, who comes in at number three. They are renowned for having bold, outspoken personalities that frequently land them in crazy circumstances.


When it comes to the wildest zodiac sign, Aries is undoubtedly a close second.


It shouldn't come as a surprise that Gemini tops the list of the most eccentric zodiac signs.


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