12 Cat Breeds With Love-Sparkling Blue Eyes


Siamese with colorpoint coats have a reversal form of albinism caused by a temperature-sensitive mutation in the tyrosinase (TYR) gene, according to Rose.

Long-haired Siamese had existed for generations, but the unique and beautiful Balinese was only recognized as a breed in the early 1950s.


Europeans lusted over the Persian since the 1600s. In 1906, the fledgling Cat Fanciers' Association registered him as its first breed in the U.S.


The Himalayan, a Siamese-Persian mix, dazzles when she walks in.


Who's this fuzzy face? The Birman's admirers call her 'ridiculously cute' and 'total cuddlepuff'.


Ragdolls, one of the most popular cat breeds, also win for friendliness. Really kind,


Blue-eyed gray cat? Two, please! He's not just a lovely face—his Siamese and Burmese parents gave him one of the Tonkinese crossbreed's numerous stylish coats.


Snowshoes remind us that each blue-eyed cat breed is unique. As a Siamese-American shorthair domestic mix,


The charming colorpoint shorthair polarizes cat lovers for no reason. Usually a seal-point Siamese (fawn or cream body with dark seal—considered a gray hue—colorpoint) cross.

Colorpoint Shorthair

Who's this hunk? A lucky charm, especially in their native Thailand. Known as the Khao Manee (pronounced "cow-muh-nee") and Khao Plort,

Khao Manee

Spanish for "blue eyes," this handsome cat knows how to pose. Few exist, making them a mystery.

Ojos Azules

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