11 Reasons Why Dogs Are the Best

Puppies at play are sheer joy, whether they're running about the house or playing at the park.

1. They Provide Endless Entertainment.

Dogs are unmatched companions. What friend constantly wants to do what you're doing? Unless your Friend is a dog,

2. They Are Great Company, No Matter What You’re Doing.

Having a fur-ever companion who welcomes you with a wagging tail is great. Did you know that dogs reduce stress?

3. They Lower Our Stress Levels.

As humans evolved together, dogs have hunted, herded, and helped us go where we need to go.

4. They Make Exceptional Coworkers.

Dog owners who slept with their canines reported less problems than cat owners in a recent survey.

5. They Help Us Sleep Better.

The pet-owner relationship is strong because dogs and humans have been companions for so long.  7. They’re the Original BFF. 

6. Their Loyalty Knows No Bounds.

Dogs have been human companions since history began. Paleolithic humans may have tamed canines from wolves 15,000 years ago.

7. They’re the Original BFF.

Dogs improve sleep and exercise. Dog owners walk 200 more minutes each week than non-dog owners, according to a UK poll.

8. They Keep Us Active and Healthy.

Dog owners live longer because they exercise more. Research demonstrates that dogs also have great psychological and emotional benefits.

9. They Help Humans Live Longer, Happier Lives.

Your dog doesn't care if you didn't put the toilet seat down or wash the dishes. He loves you—flaws and all—forever and ever.

10. They Teach Us How to Love Unconditionally.

Dogs' sweet faces are irresistible, from roly-poly puppies to senior sugar snouts. Is that adorable head tilt Spike's way of listening to you talk about your day?

11. Even When Nobody Else Does.

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