11 Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Year-Round Dining

There are outdoor feasts, football viewing parties, and even Thanksgiving dinners held in this 500 square foot covered area.

Backyard Party Pavilion

Nothing in Topeka, Indiana, is more delightfully rustic than this outdoor tavern located in a grain bin.

Grain Silo Outdoor Kitchen

Bar stools next to the grill and a large, family-friendly wood table are features of this lovely, compact layout.

Cozy Patio Outdoor Kitchen

This entertainment space is fantastic because of its stylish stone fireplace and grill station.

Stone Outdoor Kitchen

Create a cosy kitchen area that perfectly captures the farmhouse aesthetic using only reclaimed wood pallets.

Repurposed Pallet Outdoor Kitchen

Above this sleek outdoor kitchen, a statement-making sign can be seen.

Patio Kitchen

This outdoor gathering area, which belongs to actress Candace Cameron Bure, is tucked away between dozens of leafy trees.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

A Pinterest image showcasing the creations of Dutch designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer of WWOO served as the inspiration for the built-in concrete cooking area in this Californian home.

Built-In Outdoor Kitchen

A contractor was hired by the owner of this house in Rhode Island to construct an enclosed living space with power and water, as well as an outdoor kitchen.

Open-Air Kitchen

The back wall of this cabin in Ohio is lined with an 8-foot-long bar.

Outdoor Dining Patio

The WWOO is a concrete outdoor kitchen designed by Dutch architect Piet Jan van den Kommer that can be customised and is essentially maintenance-free.

Modular Outdoor Kitchen

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