It's perfect for those who like to prep at night. Among the overnight oats recipes we found was one from Nature's Path and another from Stonyfield.

1. Overnight favorites

 Enjoy these products from Nature's Path, Stonyfield, Happy Family, or Annie's on your morning commute. Breakfast doesn't have to be quick.

2. Breakfast on the go

A favorite around here is avocado toast and reviving an old classic. Avocado on toast or chia jam.

3. Breakfast toast

 In the morning, muffins are like cake. Let's make healthy organic muffins. Organic Valley , Annie's , Happy Family and Nature's Path offer delicious recipes.

4. Breakfast cakes aka muffins

Love smoothies, coffee, and acai bowls? We love Nature's Path , Annie's , Stonyfield , Back To The Roots , and Orgain

5. Breakfast bowls, superfood lattes and smoothies 


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The best way to start the day is with eggs. Check out these healthy egg recipes from our partners: strata, scramble, benedict, and frittata.

6. Eggs

Discover some worldly fare from Nature's Path.

7. Cereal from around the world

 The best time to freeze homemade food is during harvest. Make waffles in bulk. Frozen Buckwheat waffles. Protein bars by Orgain can be frozen.

8. Homemade and frozen

9. Breakfast in a jar

 Breakfast in a jar can include chia pudding, parfaits, smoothies, and overnight oats.

10. Seasonal favorites

Eat fresh, in-season, organic, and local food. Add pumpkin to classic recipes like Orgain proats or Stonyfield pancakes.

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