10 nail styles for 2023

Rock out with electric nail art modeled after a jam session by a glam garage band.

electric butterfly

Groovy florals with a 70s vibe that will put you on the path to super-stardom

groovy daisy

Nail art inspired by aura readings is meant to bring good vibes.

glowing aura nails

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A cheerful and vivid twist on fun cow print nail art.

colorful cow print

The combination of true blue, yellow, and orange creates a unique look.

optimistic orange skittle mani

A fun play on love and heartbreak with a red or black heart.

king of hearts

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Polished pro ombre with neutral and pastel Essie shades.

watercolor wonder

Easy, pink-and-clear sparkle holiday nail art for beginners.

simply sparkles

New Year's Eve nail art looks like it captures the pop-of-champagne essence.

champagne pop!

A Tuxedo Nails manicure is timeless and easy to achieve.

timeless tuxedo nails

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