10 most active dog breeds

Bavarian Mountain Hound

This unique breed was created to hunt animals on the rocky hills of Bavaria as a scent hound.

Australian Cattle Dog

These brave small cow dogs were developed for long-distance driving of livestock.

Border Collie

This perceptive dog is an obvious choice for our list. They have plenty of energy to burn off because they were developed to work sheep on British hillsides in all kinds of weather.

In pursuit of their feathered and furred prey, these intrepid individuals don't let their silken coats slow them down as they dash over muddy pools and dense vegetation.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Welsh Sheepdogs are a separate breed created in Wales for driving sheep and are frequently mistaken for Border Collies.

Welsh Sheepdog

The graceful Weimaraner was developed in Germany as a pointing dog to aid hunters in locating large game.


Siberian Huskies were developed to pull sledges for hours at a time through cold terrain.

Siberian Husky

Despite their diminutive stature, Jack Russells are more than capable of keeping up with the larger dogs on this list.

Jack Russell Terriers

Little dogs with the nickname "Shelties," Shetland Sheepdogs were developed on the Shetland Isles to herd sheep.

Shetland Sheepdog

Labrador Retrievers

This adorable, energetic pup, one of the most popular dogs in the world, has moderately high exercise requirements.


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