10 DIY ideas to adore your little kitchen

Joanna Hawley, founder of the lifestyle site jojotastic, calls the original kitchen in her little cottage "dark, dingy, and very, very sad." Yet, the aftermath suggests otherwise.

Dark and Outdated

Joanna's modest kitchen makeover has black shaker cabinets, Polycor Georgia Marble countertops, and brass accessories to complete the tuxedo effect.

Bright and Modern

Christina Dennis of The DIY Mommy, who has rebuilt two tiny campers for her family, understands small kitchens better than anyone.

Wood on Wood

Pastel Dream

Christina restored this camper's kitchen with BEHR paint and useful touches.

Beth Light of 1111 Light Lane had a major job when she remodeled her parents' modest kitchen. The dull space lacked character. How did she recover?

Builder-Grade Bland

Semihandmade cabinetry, open storage, and a recentered sink brought this kitchen to life. The drop ceiling was evened out to increase the area

Brilliant and Bold

Would you believe that Bright Green Door's Jess McGurn transformed this modest kitchen in her friend's home in one weekend?

‘90s Oak Takeover

This kitchen improved three days later! Jess spray-painted the peninsula's faux shiplap and wood cabinetry with PPG paint.

Simple and Stunning Swaps

Erica Van Slyke, founder of Designing Vibes, has a small kitchen, so a budget makeover is unlikely.

Brick and Brown

Erica splurged on professional cabinet painting and DIY click-and-lock flooring.

Farmhouse Fresh

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