10 Cat Breeds That Get Along With Dogs the Most

The stunning Birman originated in Burma, which is now known as Myanmar, where they were maintained as temple cats.


The Abyssinian breed, which is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia, may have served as a mouser on British and Dutch ships.


The gorgeous Bombay breed was first developed in the 1950s by mating sable Burmese cats with black American Shorthairs.


This famous breed's origins can be traced to the cats brought to America by the Pilgrim settlers in 1620.

American Shorthair

The Norwegian Forest Cat is designed to withstand the harsh winters of Norway, but these days, they enjoy the luxuries of a heated house just as much.

Norwegian Forest Cat


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These large cats are slow maturing and may not reach full size until they’re 5 years old. Maine Coons are affectionate but not overly demanding. 

Maine Coon

Being only recognised by the Cat Fanciers Association in 2000, they are a very new breed.


They are excellent candidates for a household with dogs because they are sociable and adore other animals.


Japanese Bobtails are a well-known luck emblem and have been discovered in Japan for at least a thousand years.

Japanese Bobtail

Tonkinese cats are gregarious and typically delighted to meet new people and form friends.


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