Breeds of cats that live the longest


In terms of care, the Sphynx can be fairly high-maintenance. Due to their hairlessness, these cats often need to wear something to keep warm. 

American Shorthair

American shorthairs are available in pedigreed versions and are popular with families with children.

Bombay cat

Bombays look like miniature panthers. They tend to be easygoing and affectionate. Besides playing, they enjoy cuddling up.

In spite of its reserved nature and quiet nature, the Russian blue cat is affectionate with its family but not overprotective.

Russian Blue


Balinese likely evolved as a longhaired mutation of Siamese. Only the coat length differs between the two breeds. Balinese are friendly, energetic, and chatty.

Ragdolls are generally easygoing, gentle, and love to follow their owners. Ragdolls also go limp in relaxation, hence their name. 


The Egyptian mau, made famous by its appearance in ancient Egyptian art, is a gorgeous cat with a characteristically spotted coat.

Egyptian Mau

A Savannah cat is a combination of an African serval and a domestic cat. Cats from Savannah are friendly despite their lack of domestication.

Savannah Cat

Burmese cats are playful, social, and adventurous felines that were originally crossbred from Burmese cats and Siamese cats.



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