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    Lauren McCluskey shot seven times in a parking lot.

    THE TRAGIC AND UNNECESSARY TALE OF LAUREN MCCLUSKEYLauren McCluskey shot seven times in a parking lot.Lauren’s ex-boyfriend, Melvin Rowland, confronted her and violently dragged her across the parking lot, leaving her in danger.Lauren McCluskey’s family sued the university and filed a second lawsuit, claiming that a police officer shared nude photographs she had given him with officers not involved in the matter.

    Lauren McCluskey was recruited to join the University of Utah’s track and field team due to her success in the high jump and heptathlon.Lauren McCluskey was a multi-event athlete, high GPA, and a person who cared about others and enjoyed karaoke singing and dancing with friends.


    McCluskey confronted Melvin Rowland, who was on parole and on the sexual offender list, and formally ended their relationship.McCluskey confronted Melvin Rowland, who was on parole and on the sexual offender list, and formally ended their relationship.Officer Miguel Deras asked her to hand over questionable photos, which he downloaded onto his personal phone and was overheard boasting about her looks.

    The mother of Jill McCluskey wishes a responsible adult had thought Rowland was on parole. The U must own up to its mistakes, accept responsibility for what they failed to do to stop Lauren’s death from happening, and offer an apology.



    Campus population and social interactions are declining due to coronavirus. To protest campus security and share accounts of cases that were handled improperly, Brooke Martin painted a mural. Jill McCluskey’s mother wishes that a responsible adult had believed Rowland was on parole. In order to better assist Lauren’s death victims, Senator Iwamoto sponsored S.B. Bill 80 to enhance communication between law enforcement, students, campus police dispatch, and departments.

    Lauren gave a moving speech, stressing the need to overcome challenges and cultivate self-love in order to truly love others. To guarantee that no student is killed on campus, justice must be done and demands must be fulfilled. One hundred students protested the way Lauren McCluskey’s case was handled by the university. President Watkins’ resignation and the elimination of UUPD are demanded by UnsafeU.

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