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Crispy Cabbage Pizza Recipe

    A tonne of crunchy cabbage, savoury herbs and spices, as well as mushrooms, onion, and mozzarella cheese, are used to make this inventive pizza. You won’t regret switching from your usual pizza recipe to this one, we bet!

    Ingredients of Crispy Cabbage Pizza

    • 600 gms Cabbage (sliced)
    • 1 Onion
    • 3 tbsp Coriander (chopped)
    • 2 Whole Egg
    • Salt as per taste
    • 1 tsp Tomato Paste
    • 200 gram Mozzarella Cheese (grated)
    • 30 ml White Vinegar
    • 1 Red Pepper
    • 100 gram Mushroom
    • 25 gram Maze Flour
    • 1 tbsp Oil


    1.Slice the cabbage, then soak it in white vinegar and water.

    2. Drain the cabbage, pat it dry with a cloth, then cover it with egg and cornmeal.

    3. Next, chop the onion, cilantro, and red pepper into dice.

    4. Beat an entire egg and set it aside. To bake pizza

    For Baking Pizza

    1. When a nonstick pan is hot, add a little oil and then add the cabbage and cook it slowly.

    2. Cook with a cover on until one side is golden brown.

    3. Turn the side while placing the plate on top of the pan.

    4. On the cooked side of the cabbage, spread tomato paste and top with mozzarella cheese, chopped onion, and chopped coriander.

    5. Place red pepper, chopped coriander, and sliced mushrooms on top, then cover with a lid. Bake until the cheese melts.

    6. With a pizza cutter, remove from the pan and serve hot.

    Recipe Notes 

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