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Blockbuster deal between packers and jets for Aaron Rodgers ‘ essentially done’

    Blockbuster deal between packers and jets for Aaron Rodgers

    Aaron Rodgers deal between the Packers and the Jets is “almost done.”

    If what Packers president Mark Murphy said on Friday night didn’t convince you that Aaron Rodgers’ time with the Packers is pretty much over, a new story should.

    Reports say that a move between the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets is “essentially done” and that both teams have worked out what needs to happen for Rodgers to join the Jets.

    The only thing left to do is make sure Rodgers agrees to the deal.

    Rodgers has spent the whole NFL summer thinking about what he wants to do next. He went to a “darkness retreat” to think about what would happen next. He has kept his thoughts to himself the whole time.

    The Jets, on the other hand, went to California on Tuesday to see him in person. To do this, they rolled their jet plane (no pun meant) out of the hangar. On Friday, Murphy revealed this plan by saying that the Packers let the Jets talk to Rodgers.

    It is said that Rodgers only needs to turn his key to finish this problem.


    Blockbuster deal between packers and jets for Aaron Rodgers

    Blockbuster deal between packers and jets for Aaron Rodgers

    Rodgers seems to be on the move based on all the signs. Last summer, the Hall of Fame quarterback went through the same process, but this time he has $60 million guaranteed for 2023.

    The Jets might be ready for the NFL. Last season, head coach Robert Saleh said that their defense is “championship-ready.” They also have two young targets, Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore, who are very interesting. And they hired Nathaniel Hackett, who was Rodgers’ offensive coordinator with the Packers, to be their OC in New York.

    Rodgers has everything he needs in New York. Just let him sit down and eat.

    The Packers have made it clear what they think about the situation this summer. They have been open to Rodgers joining them, if not outright pushing him to do so.

    As I said at the beginning of this story, Murphy said some interesting things about the situation on Friday. He didn’t hesitate to talk about Rodgers’ career in the past tense and confirm that if Rodgers asked to be traded, the team would respect his request.

    “Very few players only play for one team,” Murphy told a local station, WBAY. “Brett did very well here. Aaron did really well here. Aaron will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame no matter what happens. He will be in our Hall of Fame, and we will bring him back and retire his number.”
    Murphy also put his feet down on the fact that the team had faith in Jordan Love. The Packers took Love with the 26th pick in the NFL draft in 2020. They’ve worked with him for years and put him under Rodgers’ wing to help him grow.


    Blockbuster deal between packers and jets for Aaron Rodgers

    Blockbuster deal between packers and jets for Aaron Rodgers

    Murphy said of Love, “We have a lot of faith in him.” “We picked him and worked with him. Our coaches and Jordan deserve a lot of thanks. We think he’s ready, though.”

    Love has been up to bat for three years, and it looks like he’ll finally get his chance. How high can he go? How good is he? It makes no difference. He isn’t the quarterback who can back up yelling “I own you” at a Bears crowd.

    Bears fans have been waiting to read these stories. The end is getting closer. Rodgers has terrorized the Bears for a long time, and he has always done well. Even better, he’s getting close to a team in the AFC, which is the conference the Bears play in.