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Andrew Wiggins Is Struggling With Serious ‘Personal Life’ Issues, According To A Warriors Player

    Andrew Wiggins Is Struggling With Serious 'Personal Life' Issues

    Andrew Wiggins’ Golden State Warriors teammate revealed that the Canadian star is dealing with a serious personal issue.

    What he’s up against is some serious (crap),” the unidentified teammate remarked to The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson II.

    Outsiders are interested in Wiggins’ situation, but neither the team nor the player responds to their inquiries. Instead, the team is behind Wiggins.

    Giving him encouragement, a friend to a friend, a teammate to a comrade. Although it’s difficult for him to be away for so long, it’s crucial, Curry continued.

    “Life is more important than basketball. All that matters is what he and his family are going through. I have no doubt that he will show up when he is ready to. I know he’s missing the vibe and being with us and we miss him too.”

    There has never before been an extended absence without justification.

    Wiggins went without playing for the 13th straight game on Wednesday as the Los Angeles Clippers defeated them 134-126. His release took place on February 14.

    This season, he has made 37 starts and has averaged 17.1 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 2.3 assists.

    Warriors head coach Steve Kerr told reporters before the Warriors’ 125-116 victories over the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday at Chase Center that the organization is hopeful that Wiggins may return this season, but will continue to give him space and did not offer any other information.

    The general manager, Bob Myers, also provided some commentary.

    “The past has not changed in any way. the same answer. He deserves our respect for his life and his right to privacy.