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Andrew Wiggins Girlfriend Cheating: Horrible Rumors Regarding Mychal Johnson and Best Friend

    Andrew Wiggins has been an NBA player since 2014. But it wasn’t until he was traded to the Golden State Warriors in 2020 that his professional career really took off. After relocating, the former first-round choice began exhibiting his abilities and making a name for himself with the Warriors.

    He had one of the best seasons of his NBA career last year, when he was selected for his first All-Star game and assisted the Warriors in winning the championship. This year, his financial results were much better. Yet, it has been almost a month since he last joined the group.

    After 13 consecutive games missed, the fans are worried about their star. The only thing that has been made public is the fact that he is gone taking care of a serious family matter. Because of the uncertainty around the celebrity, someone on the internet spread a rumour about Maple Jordan.

    What is alleged to have happened with Andrew Wiggins, his wife, and his best friend?

    Someone decided to spread fake information about Andrew Wiggins online while he is away taking care of a serious family matter. They alleged that Andrew Wiggins’ spouse had an affair with him and his close mate.

    Nothing online from a Wiggins or family-related source supports this according to the official channels. In fact, he hasn’t even tied the knot yet. His longterm girlfriend is Mychal Johnson. According to reports, they began dating in 2013 and grew close as a result of their same sports interests. Their two children are Alayah Milan and Amyah Wiggins.

    The lack of information online, the fondness these two have for one another, and their social media accounts all indicate that this is most probably a rumor. People should refrain from making up such things about them, especially when they are going through a trying time.

    What is Wiggins’ absence being said about by the Warriors?

    Without a sure, Andrew Wiggins is missed by the squad, but they also realize that life is about more than just basketball. Here is a statement made by Stephen Curry just recently:

    Also, there have been recent rumors that Wiggins had finished the year. Steve Kerr addressed them and stated:

    Robert Myers, the team’s president and general manager, said the same.