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A player with the Warriors implies that Andrew Wiggins is dealing with major personal life troubles

    A player with the Warriors implies that Andrew Wiggins is dealing with major personal life troubles

    Since the 14th of February, Andrew Wiggins has not participated in a game, and a teammate of his on the Warriors has revealed a significant issue, saying, “What he’s dealing with, is some real (crap).”

    Marcus Thompson II was informed by an anonymous teammate that “what he’s dealing with, is some serious (crap).”

    Everyone on the outside is curious about what is happening with Wiggins, but the team and the player have remained mute about it. Instead, team members express their support for Wiggins.

    “Just a kind message of encouragement from a fellow player and friend to him. Because he will be gone for such a considerable amount of time, this is an unfortunate but necessary circumstance “Curry stated.

    “Basketball is a drop in the bucket compared to life. Whatever difficulties he and his family are experiencing, that is the only thing that should concern you. I have no doubt that he will return whenever it suits him best to do so. In terms of his availability, he is constructed exactly like this. I’m sure he misses the energy and the company of the group, and I can assure you that we feel the same way about him.”

    It has never happened before that someone would go so long without giving a reason.

    Wiggins has now missed 13 straight games for the Golden State Warriors, including their loss to the Los Angeles Clippers by a score of 134-126 on Wednesday. From the 14th of February, he has been absent.

    In 37 starts so far this season, he has contributed 17.1 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 2.3 assists for the team.

    Warriors head coach Steve Kerr told reporters before Golden State’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday at Chase Center that the team is hopeful Andrew Wiggins can return this season, but that the Warriors will continue to give him space and did not provide any further update. The game ended in a 125-116 victory for the Warriors over the Bucks.